Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A BIG Gage

We just got back from my dr's appointment and are thrilled to no end to know that our baby Gage is a healthy, big baby boy! Notice the word big, though. *cringe* They are estimating that he weighs 6 lbs 7 oz right now and I still have 6 weeks to go. Yeah. I know. I'm now starting to wonder why in the world I opted to NOT have a c-section, but a natural birth instead. My dr. is saying he will probably end up being around 9 lbs at this rate...which is what Conner was, too. He will gain about 1/2 pound per week now. The absoluetly amazing part of the whole thing was the sonogram. I have never gotten to see pictures of a baby that far along and they were amazing! Chris and I both think he looks a lot like Conner. :) I can't wait to see him! I now have to have a non-stress test each time I go in for an appointment, which will last 30 mintues and I am not looking foward to. Oh, well. As long as we end up with a healthy baby things will be fine. I'll try to post pictures of Gage tomorrow...or the day after (our VBS is going on this week and making me crazy busy!).