Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Day in the Life of an *Almost* Two-Year Old

Today when I got home, I decided today was all about Conner. Sometimes I get all caught up in laundry, a clean house, daily chores, and keeping our little family caught up with everything that I forget about what is really important. So, I turned off the tv, tried to get the things that needed to be done out of my mind and gave Conner my complete attention all night. I always try to do this every day...but not all night long. We had a blast! We went on a 4-wheeler ride, played tractor and trucks A LOT, went swinging, and finished with a POPCICLE!!!!! What a fun, rewarding night. Now I have to get off of this thing and get all that work that I pushed to the back of my head finished or else life will not go on tomorrow very smooth.

Oh, and this is what happens when a little boy gets ahold of the camera: (i won't bore you with ALL of the pictures, but here are the ones you can acutally see someone in..the last one's a little photoshop fun)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mom here.

Not very long ago (like a month or so) my cousin (who just graduated high school and is on to college) told me I had "mom sunglasses." I immediately thought, "mom?! i'm not a mom!" But, I am! I just don't think of myself as being old!!! When did this happen?! Why didn't somebody tell me what was going on?? Did I get old when I had a baby...or was it when I got married...or went to college? I guess I missed the memo. Anyway, I guess I'm labeled as "mom" now. By the way, I think the glasses are stylish and look good on me. ;) Thanks, Kelsey! I'm going to turn your glasses comment into a compliment. I love being a mom and having mom sunglasses!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Aren't Cousins Fun?

I can't believe that summer is almost gone and fall is just around the corner. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fall. I love the colors, the weather (yes, even the rainy days)...fall just feels so family-ish to me. We see all different kinds of relative as we near Christmas and fall just kind of gets you into that mood. I just love it. But, summer has been good to us this year. If I haven't mentioned it before (hehe) Conner really prefers being outside rather than cooped up indoors. Here are some pics from the past couple of weeks...his two obsessions right now: haybales and our new and improved swing (my old swing that we painted and now looks brand spankin new!).. Conner and I babysat Addy last night and had a ball! They are starting to play so well together and always makes me realize that, no, I am not ready for another one. As much as I love Addison and had such a fun time, I love being a family of three. I just do. Call me selfish, but I savor every second I have with Conner and Chris. A baby would easily squeeze right in...some day.

And, just in case you wondered why there aren't any pictures of the two together, here's the reason: (I have lots more, too!)