Sunday, November 29, 2009

New News From the King's!

We haven't blogged for quite some time, so I figured we were due for an update on our two little boys. Our biggest new: Gage can roll over!! Our somewhat disappointing news: He's only done it four times...and still hasn't shown off to his Dad!!!! Our challenging news: Conner is in the process of being potty trained. UGH!!!!! How in the world do parents and children everywhere get through this?? Conner is doing really good...he has only had two accidents in two days. But, we have run into a little problem. He is only very consistent when he has no pants on. So, unless you want to see us running around Walmart with a half naked boy, we have to figure something out! Here are some recent pictures. Say a prayer or two this week for my patience (and sanity) and Conner's willingness to finally be out of diapers!!!!! We are having a big potty party at House of Bounce when we go a whole day of being dry!!! I will fill you in later...hopefully with pictures of the much anticipated party.

Chris got his Christmas present early and Conner loves it!! Don't bother asking what it has to do with duck hunting....our family's passion in life right now. ;)