Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Perfect Day

Everyone has their idea of a perfect day, right? Mine would consist of no housework, lots of yummy cooking, scrapbooking, and playing with my family of boys.

Chris would probably have a day's worth of fishing, hunting, camping, anything outdoors that involves chiggers, mosquitos, and snakes. (yuck)

Gage is still pretty little to determine what his favorites are, but as of right now, his day would be filled with ice cream, food off fo the floor to eat, taking toys away from Conner, and endless snuggles with his favorite people who carry him all day long. Hmm....sounds like Gage gets perfect days every day. Must be nice to be a baby.

But, my Conner boy, he is not the average 3 1/2 year old. His perfect day would be this.... (and he gets to do it only a few times each year)

We wait and wait and wait for that pesky wheat (or soybeans or corn or whatever else is growing at the time) to grow just enough to be ready to cut and then when Grandpa and Uncle Kirby say it's time to combine, we have a party! Conner absolutely loves riding in that combine! (My parents probably wish I would have been like that when I was little when they HAD to take me because they were both in the fields)

"Is Uncle Kirby almost here, Mom?"

Yea! He's here!

1 combine + an Uncle Kirby to drive = one happy boy

By the way, my "yuck" on Chris' perfect day was for the critters, not the day. I don't mind the occassional fishing trip, but the animals that I know have some kind of purpose on this planet just aren't my cup of tea usually.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Uh-oh, Grandma

Gage has been sick all day today at my mom's house and this is a little bit of the conversation at her house:

conner: uh-oh, grandma. oh, no. not again. not again, gager. he did it again, grandma.

grandma: he did what again?

conner: i heard him. i heard him squirt again.

Guess it was time for yet another diaper change.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Note to self:

Someday I need to thank Conner for helping me with Gage. He has really taken on the responsibility of big brother. Tonight I had to water my garden. Seriously. It was literally dying of thirst. Things were getting brown...and not in a good way. When my boys go outside, they have every intention to play, not work. Eat, nap (when they desire to...they are the bosses these days), eat a few more times, play. Those are the things on their to-do lists. Cleaning and gardening are not necessities to them. So when I have to go outside to water the garden, they go out expecting to swing on the swings. That is the first (and only) stop in their minds. Meanwhile, I am on a mission. Garden needs watered. Water the garden. The garden needs you. Thankfully, I now have this amazing three-year-old boy who loves his momma so.

So, instead of whining and begging me to swing him (okay, there was a little bit of whining and begging, but really only a little), he gets off of his swing and swings his little brother. Isn't he the sweetest boy in the whole world?! My boys are the best.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I had completely forgotten how sweet little newborn babies smell in the midst of my three years of sweaty, muddy, chocolate-covered outdoor gang. But, I got to reminise last night when I got to see my new nephew for the very first time. Meet our new little Brody. Moms who are surrounded by the independent toddlers, take it in and enjoy!

Okay, now back to my sweaty boys. I really can't get too comfortable with that new baby phase that makes you forget about sleepless nights and feedings and pooping (oh, the pooping) or else I will want to do it all over again and I'm so not ready for that right now. I'm still trying to get my big baby out of that stage. :) Our church had VBS this past week and my boys had a ball! Oh my goodness! Here are some pics of our carnival night:

We can't wait to see our Conner!

Here he comes!!

See if you can find Conner!!! (bottom left, next to the little girl in the white skirt)

I always thought Conner would be scared of these big slides and heights. Boy was I wrong. He is so brave...just like his Momma. ;)

c: Mmmm this is good, Mom.

c: Ooops, I think I spilled.
me: Why don't you just sit down and eat your slush?
c: Good idea, Mom.

c: Like this? Is this better?

me: Ummm....

me: There you go. Much better.

Gage made sure he didn't get left out on the slushy. Hey, at least it's blue and matches the shirt.

We have yet another addition to our family! Meet our new washer and dryer that was spent with money that was supposed to be our finished basement!!! I'm still a little bit grumpy that our old washer went out, but these work so well that I don't miss the basement getting finished right now....sort of.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lessons on eating...

I always let Conner eat by himself from a pretty young age and it worked quite well. So, thinking I am a pure genius, I tried that theory out on Gage.

Maybe my sons are the geniuses instead of me. Conner for simply figuring it out and Gage for figuring out how to have a little fun, get a bath (where he ends up having a ball splashing water all over my floor that will probably end up molding at some point in my life), enjoy chocolate pudding (shhh...don't tell him it's sugar free), and smile at the end of it all, inevitably making Momma smile, too.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do we have a photographer on our hands?

Here are a few pictures that Conner decided to take with my camera. I thought it was pretty good insight on the views of a 3 year old!

Oh, and how in the world did my baby go from this... this in just 11 months?!

...and 11 months have already flown by? Goodness. (please don't notice the dirty feet...i know only perfect, on-top-of-everything mothers have their children's feet and other limbs always clean. i am not one of those moms. :) but, please do notice those thick thighs...aren't they funny?!!!)

Someday soon I will have to post a video on Gage moving around. He's been doing it for a month or two now. He scoots on his bottom and it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Conner calls him our "Scooty Booty Boy."

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

We had a little birthday party for Chris tonight. Even though his birthday was actually (as a side note, conner's new word is "actually" and he says it in many sentences like, "i would like some ice cream actually." it's kind of funny to hear coming from such a little boy.) on Wednesday, we celebrated tonight because Chris was in Las Vegas for a school trip/conference on Wednesday. So, tonight was the night and we had a blast!
Can you count the kids?
Here's one...

...and three!!!

A good Grandpa...always chasing and making the kiddos laugh!


Grandma and three grandkids...going to be four on Tuesday!!! We can't wait for Baby Brody to get here!!