Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter From The King's

Okay...so how long has it been since I last did a blog update?!!! Was Gage even born yet?? Let's not get into too many statistics just yet. I'll just try to update you all on things. As always, things are super busy. The only reason I am able to even post this is because the boys are BOTH taking a late nap. I know I will regret the lateness later tonight, but I am basking in the greatness of free time right now.

Some fun things in our life:

-Easter is almost here and Conner keeps getting into my Easter drawer in the basement and saying "Yep, the Easter stuff is still here, Mom." (i think it's a hint). I am trying to get the point across that Easter is not about bunnies, eggs, and cute little duckies, but I also have to remember I have a 3-yr-old and 8-mo-old and these concepts are hard to grasp...but I'm still going to try!!

-It's been so nice outside!!!! We love working in the flower garden and Conner's been discing away on our veggie garden...it's going to be so fun to start planting everything!!

-We are already thinking about our little family vacation (with all the Brunk's) to Branson...it's all the way in July!!! We are really needing to pace ourselves.

-I swear I heard Gage say ";alskdjf;alkjsdfa;dlkfjNER" this morning (which of course means Conner to a proud momma)

-Conner is starting letter recognition and is doing great every day!!

-Chris and I are taking Dave Ramsey classes at our church so for Christmas you can get us some rice and beans, beans and rice. Someday we will live like no one else lives.

Some not-so-fun things:
-Conner had his first couple of cavities. He did great, though and we now LOVE our dentist in KC!!! He was awesome and very highly recommended!

-We have a really busy weekend because I evidentally like to sign up for everything under the sun...pray that we get through this!!!!

Here are a few pictures I took of the boys the other day. I thought they turned out pretty cute!