Friday, March 27, 2009

names, names, names

We've been thinking of a name for this new baby and it's such a hard decision, really. I mean, this kid is going to have to live with this name attached to him for the rest of his life...unless, of course, he grows up hating his name and changes it. Poor thing. I hope that doesn't happen. So we've looked and looked through tons of books, internet sites, and all that that normal expecting parents do and think we have come up with a decent name that he, hopefully, won't want to change on down the road. It is (*drum roll, please*) Gage Timothy King. What do you think of that? Too weird? Chris is worried that it doesn't flow right, but it's really starting to grow on me. I definitely want to keep is my mom's brother's name, who died in a car wreck when I was three months old. So, that's very sentimental. So, what do you think of Gage? We've tried it out on some people and have gotten mixed responses...of course, I am reading into each and every one of them trying to figure out their REAL feelings on the name. I'll be doing the same with yours, also, as anyone with this overwhelming responsibility should. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What an unexpected week...

This week was spring break for Chris and our 4th Anniversary and we had lots of stuff planned for our little family. We were going to work on the gardens (flower and vegetable), take Conner to Joplin to House of Bounce, and end up in Kansas City with a weekend full of fun stuff. Our plans all changed on Tuesday afternoon when my mom called and said Conner woke up from his nap and was having chest pains and trouble breathing. I came and got them and we raced to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. We ended up staying two nights at the hospital with Conner hooked to an IV. I never in a million years thought I would have my two-year-old sick in a hospital. It broke my heart making him take medicine and trying to explain why we had to wheel around the IV machine and why we just couldn't go home. I felt like a terrible mother. I know everyone says there was nothing I could was just a "bug" he got, but I still feel like I should have known something more. He only had a cold for less than a week, but I knew his cough was still there and I should have had him checked out. I was planning on taking him in on Monday, but he just acted like he felt perfectly fine Sunday night and all day Monday. I just thought the sickness was just still getting out of him and he was on the road to recovery. Boy was I wrong. So, we are now giving him breathing treatments four times a day and giving him very stong medicine. His chest x-ray is on Monday and hopefully everything will come out fine. In the meantime, I am trying my best to keep him satisfied with staying inside and not going to town. Who do you think will go insane first? Me or Conner?!
In the end, neither Chris or I really cared that we didn't get to go to KC or get to do anything special for our anniversary besides going out to eat in Pittsburg (my mom kept Conner). This whole thing just has reminded us both that we are a family now and will always be just that. We have absolutely no complaints about staying in those old, uncomfortable beds as long as we all have each other. So, even though our week didn't go as we had planned, it turned out to bring us all even closer together.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

And then there were (or will be) three boys... and me.

We just back from our doctor's appointment and found out we're having another boy!!! I don't think Chris or I really had a preference with this one...just a healthy baby. And, according to our doctor, that's what we have!! Conner is....excited? In other words, he doesn't get it yet. Key word: yet. I don't know how he will react to sharing a room, a house, mom and dad. It will be interesting. He's worried more about when Grandpa is going to get to combining wheat right now. Here are so pictures from our sonogram... (my scanner made our pictures a little blurry and I don't feel like fixing them right now..sorry!)