Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Perfect Day

Everyone has their idea of a perfect day, right? Mine would consist of no housework, lots of yummy cooking, scrapbooking, and playing with my family of boys.

Chris would probably have a day's worth of fishing, hunting, camping, anything outdoors that involves chiggers, mosquitos, and snakes. (yuck)

Gage is still pretty little to determine what his favorites are, but as of right now, his day would be filled with ice cream, food off fo the floor to eat, taking toys away from Conner, and endless snuggles with his favorite people who carry him all day long. Hmm....sounds like Gage gets perfect days every day. Must be nice to be a baby.

But, my Conner boy, he is not the average 3 1/2 year old. His perfect day would be this.... (and he gets to do it only a few times each year)

We wait and wait and wait for that pesky wheat (or soybeans or corn or whatever else is growing at the time) to grow just enough to be ready to cut and then when Grandpa and Uncle Kirby say it's time to combine, we have a party! Conner absolutely loves riding in that combine! (My parents probably wish I would have been like that when I was little when they HAD to take me because they were both in the fields)

"Is Uncle Kirby almost here, Mom?"

Yea! He's here!

1 combine + an Uncle Kirby to drive = one happy boy

By the way, my "yuck" on Chris' perfect day was for the critters, not the day. I don't mind the occassional fishing trip, but the animals that I know have some kind of purpose on this planet just aren't my cup of tea usually.


Colt's Mommy said...

I love the picture of Conner running out to the combine with so much excitement! How adorable.

David and jill said...

That kid knows more about farming than most farmers I know. I love the pic of him and Uncle Kirby.