Sunday, March 27, 2011

Raising Boys

What is it that is so funny about the “Banana, Banana” song?  You know the song…Mom, mom, bo, bomb, banana, fana, fo, fom, me, my, mo, mom, MOM.  Well, for little ones under four, it’s the best song in the world.  I think Conner has sang this song to every word under the sun.  Yes, even truck.  Let’s not talk about that.  He was singing one of the renditions the other night when we had the cousins over and they thought it was hilarious!  Every word is funny in that song.  And, I kind of like it for the whole rhyming lesson he’s getting from it.  No complaints here…except when we get to truck.  Yikes.


I have been couponing lately.


It’s becoming an obsession.


Someone help me.  I’m out of control.  But, I’ve started thinking.  If I’m trying so hard to save money with coupons, why not start actually making my own things that would be even cheaper to make than to buy with coupons.  So, I have begun to bake bread with the help from this one..


He’s great help, but he says that the bread that he helps with is better than the bread I make by myself.  And it’s true.  I don’t know what I do wrong.  Or maybe I should be saying, I don’t know what he adds to make it better.  Probably better off not knowing.

I’ve also started my tomato plants from seeds and we water them every day and let the sun shine on them and make sure this one…


doesn’t get into them and eat the dirt.  He’s ornery like that.


I’ll update you on the plants as they grow.  If you don’t hear anything for a while or see me in the store buying tomato plants when the time is right, please don’t ask.  You may crush my pride.  Either that or Gage may have dirt stuck in his teeth.  Oh, to raise two boys.  (I secretly love it!)


Colton and Braven's Mommy said...

I love two boys too! They are the best! Your story about rhyming with truck made me laugh and I'm also super jealous of your couponing abilities! Keep posting a few more pictures and I just might be inspired to give it a shot myself!